Photography Policy

Dreamland Jewelry does not release any use of any image on for personal and/or commercial use which include: 

Websites, Newspapers, Magazines, Flyers, Videos, or any other reproduction of any portion of any image found on Dreamland Jewelry.

Failure to do so violates federal copyright law. If you have any questions in regards to our policy please contact us via email or phone. 


Marketplace Reselling

Dreamland Jewelry does not allow the reselling of their products on marketplaces such as,,,, and any other similar marketplaces.
Billing Address Verification

For your protection, billing info verification may be required which may delay the processing time frame. We take the proper security measures for all orders that are submitted to protect the cardholder and us as the company from any suspicious activity. If the information for the credit/debit card the customer provided is invalid from what the cardholder’s financial institution has, our security system may put an order on hold to verify this billing information.